davide dellomonaco



about me

i startet my creative work when i was 12 years old, following my inspiration in many different directions. more recently i began a new series of 2&3 dimensional works, mainly paintings and machines that interact with the observer. my passion is to play with colours and combine dissimilar materials like wood and iron with "intelligent" microprocessors.
the portfolio below is just for my paintings that i started in november 2016. they are surrealistic and futuristic visions of my fantasy, painted with different types of paints and pencils. the main theme is artificial intelligence, robots who live together with humans and the social challenges of the future.



Robo(E)motion (140x70cm)

They wil find you (130x80cm)

Pregnant Robot (60x95cm)

The fall of A.I. (110x70cm)

No way to paradise (110x60cm)

We are not from here (80x130cm)

Love (60x80cm)

Work Flow


It would be a pleasure to exhibit my works in your gallery